Installing carpeting in your home is a very personal interior decoration task. Like other home design choices, carpets reflect your style and personality.

Therefore, the choice of a carpet is as important as other decorative items. Thus, buying a carpet is not just about choosing a color or a collection you like.

Besides the visual impact they provide, carpets are also useful for making the home childproof, regulating traffic in the room, and providing a cushion for the feet.

It has become a significant investment that will enhance the aesthetics of every room in your home. Unfortunately, like everything else, carpets aren’t made the same.

Therefore, it is imperative to know which carpet brands to avoid, but choosing a reliable one can be as tricky as there are several options.

Also, before finally choosing one, take the time to research the personal qualities you would like to have in your home. Check out our list of the worst carpet brands to avoid in the market before making your final decision.

In this list, we’ll objectively look at some of the worst carpet brands to avoid and some of the best ones to consider in terms of stability, construction, underfoot feels, customer expectations versus performance, and more. It would help if you had this guide before going carpet shopping.

According to our research, some carpet brands to avoid include; Capel Rug, STAINMASTER, Mohawk, Shaw, Karastan, and Atlas.

These brands have a number of numerous issues, including fiber sprouting, dirt attraction, affordability, and deep cleaning.

Carpet Buying Guide

In order to avoid bad carpet brands, it is better to understand a few factors that would make it easy for you to spot a lemon carpet brand. Here is a list of essential tips for finding good mats.

1. Weight and Density

It is usually measured in ounces. Good carpets should have their weight and density between 25 and 50 ounces. Keep in mind that the higher the weight and density of the carpet, the greater the carpet’s visual impact, cushioning, and longevity.

2. Material of the Carpet

Carpets can be made from different fabrics, and while each has its pros and cons, the most versatile are nylon, polyester, olefin, cotton, wool, and sisal.

3. Carpet Style

There are three main types of carpets styles: cut pile, loop pile, and cut and loop pile. To further choose the best carpet for your home, keep in mind that cut pile is best for residential areas, while loop pile is best for high-traffic homes and commercial spaces. Cut and loop carpets could be suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

4. Resistance and Maintenance

For that, you need to check online reviews or get real testimonials from friends who have experienced the performance of a particular carpet brand.

A good carpet should have high resistance to staining, fading, and folding/looping. More importantly, they should be easy to maintain, which means they should be easy to wash and can be bleached if needed.

5. Warranty

Regardless of the price range, a good carpet brand should have a good warranty, and the company/manufacturer should adhere to their warranty terms. Customer service responses are also good determinants of good carpet brands.

List of Carpet Brands to Avoid

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the carpet brands to avoid and the reasons for their low ratings for carpets on the market.

We’ve based this list on real testimonies from homeowners, designers, and contractors, as well as the overall ratings of these brands in major online stores.

1. Capel Rug

It is a popular household name in America when it comes to rugs and carpets. Capel has arguably the widest range of carpets of any brand that will feature on this list.

Their catalog boasts about 10,000 products. The brand has remained relevant in the area of ​​carpeting for over 100 years as a family business.

The brand uses all kinds of materials, including secret materials. The unique combination of materials allows the brand to develop carpet designs and concepts that satisfy a customer segment with very specific preferences. Many people consider their products reliable.

But for some reason, in recent years, we have seen declining customer ratings and dissatisfaction due to the increasingly poor carpet quality of their products.

Capel has received a lot of criticism for its low-quality standards from its users on online customer portals who were dissatisfied with it.

With such a range of carpet selections at different price points, it would be hard to find a reason to avoid the brand.

Check out the following issues linked to Capel Rugs carpets’ before buying their product:

  • They only have one year warranty— Some carpets are not suitable for high-traffic areas, such as stairs. If your carpet is damaged during the warranty period, you can get help. However, you only have the option to get a new one if damaged after one year. You will most likely want to avoid the brand if short warranties are a deal breaker for you.
  • It requires deep cleaning— Capel carpets are not cheap, especially for the luxury line. Some of them are made from premium New Zealand wood. And since it’s not stain resistant, you’ll need to get special cleaning products and be careful with spills and cleanup. Avoid the brand if you have a home with playful children.

Other issues include:

  • Carpet loses thickness with heavy traffic and accelerates matting and crushing.
  • Sprouting of the carpet after five to seven washes.
  • Carpet wrinkles in high humidity conditions.
  • It attracts dust to its loop, which can be unhealthy for your lungs.

2. Stainmaster Carpet

When it comes to different textures, colors, and patterns, this is a leading brand in style and color. Stainmaster carpet offers a wide variety of colors and styles in its product line at reasonable prices, so it is understandable that it attracts many customers. However, the quality of the carpet is average and wears out quickly.

Due to excellent marketing campaigns, people also tend to be attracted to this brand. The company seems more concerned with publicity than quality.

They cater to households with children using their Active Family Carpet line. They have made a name for themselves in the pet niche with the PetProtect line of carpets.

The Livewell line is for people who react to allergens. And finally, it addressed the luxury market with its line of Trusoft carpets. So why should Stainmaster Carpet be one of the carpet brands to avoid?

Below are the drawbacks of using stainmaster that you should be aware of before purchasing. Though the main testimony about this carpet brand is that their carpets get worn out easily, others include:

  • The Budget-Friendly Line Isn’t So Good for High-Traffic Areas— Stainmaster has had its name on so many carpets that it’s easy to assume they’re premium-only carpets. However, they have a budget-friendly line, Essentials. Essentials is a collection of carpets for new homeowners looking to decorate their homes. However, purchasing the Essentials line limits how you will use the carpet. It cannot be used in high-traffic areas. If not, it would get worn out.
  • Discoloration problems after several washes.
  • Too many loops that eventually attract dirt.
  • Short shelf life due to matting and crushing issues.
  • Stains are difficult to remove.
  • Owner testimonies online consider the warranty a scam.

You can also check out some of Stainmaster’s carpet reviews here.

3. Mohawk

Mohawk Carpet has been in the carpet business for over 200 years. They are known for their modern, colorful, innovative, and unorthodox styles. But do they still have value on the market? Why should it be one of the carpet brands to avoid?

Despite its long-standing reputation as a brand, there have been some subtle complaints about this carpet brand, and now, thanks to online reviews and ratings, those issues have come to the fore.

Before relying on them, take a look at the downsides of Mohawk carpets based on reviews and market ratings:

  • Removing stains from the carpet is as good as buying a new one. 
  • The carpets wear out quickly, which means they easily lose weight, density, and fiber.
  • Carpet quality is generally rated below average or average.
  • The designs are no longer so fresh and competitive.

Read some of Mohawk carpet reviews here.

4. Shaw Carpet

We know how sad and shocking it is to see this brand on this list, as it is another one of the largest and most reputable carpet manufacturers in the United States.

The Shaw carpet brand is another brand that homeowners and decorators are very familiar with. The brand offers an impressive range of carpets that are suitable for everyone, from home flippers to owners of luxury homes.

They include different technologies such as All Nylon and All Polyester, Anso Nylon, ClearTouch Polyester, R2X Nylon, and Stainmaster Nylon.

Shaw has separated each of its collections according to specific tastes. For example, the Colorwall collection is aimed at homeowners who want to give their homes a uniform and elegant atmosphere.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider other options before choosing Shaw.

  • They are expensive— Shaw carpets have a three-ply pattern when it comes to price. Standard quality carpets will cost you between $15 and $25 per yard. The Colorwall range of mid-level carpets costs between $35 and $45 per yard, And you’ll pay between $65 and $100 per yard for the premium caress range —Adding extra padding to protect the carpet costs more.
  • Vacuuming leaves visible traces— Vacuuming carpets is a daily chore for some people. But most of the negative Shaw brand carpet reviews come from people who claim that the manufacturer recommended daily vacuuming but eventually destroys the carpet too quickly. Homeowners have seen marks and signs of foot traffic after only using the carpet for a year.
  • Late customer service feedback— In some cases, the Shaw Carpet brand team took about two months to respond to a complaint. When they responded, they blamed the client.

Another issue that has made it one of the carpet brands to avoid is the increase in unauthorized stores offering cheap quality Shaw Carpet products which also come with drawbacks:

  • Vulnerable to dirt and stain retention
  • Patterned and textured carpets fade after just one year
  • Carpet pigmentation issues
  • The main company does not support warranty claims, even from authorized dealers.

You can find some of Shaw’s carpet reviews here.

5. Karastan Carpet

This is another surprise for this list because it is one of those companies that produce carpets using exclusive and patented strands.

Karastan Carpets is not a new brand in the market. They have dominated the carpet space since 1920. They have even been called “America’s Wonder Rug.” The Karastan rug brand is highly regarded around the world.

At first, they were made by hand. The rugs had intricate designs that combined artistry and interior functionality. However, they included the design and manufacture using machinery, which increased sales.

Karastan has options to suit seemingly every homeowner. You can choose carpets in nylon, wool, polyester, and Triexta yarn.

With all these cutting-edge features, here’s why the Karastan carpet brand is one of the carpet brands to avoid.

  • Brand Shutdown News—It has been rumored for some time that Mohawk will close its manufacturing facility in Eden, North Carolina. The factory produced carpets of the Karastan brand. Of course, the carpet can have a long service life. But with the factory closed, it would not be advisable to buy a new one because you never know if a replacement will be needed.
  • Price Issues— If you want to save money, avoid Karastan rugs. They’re up there with the creme de la creme of carpets at $2.90 to $15 per square foot.
  • It may require specialist cleaning— Karastan carpets come with special cleaning instructions that require professional cleaning, even for simple dirt and mud.

For someone who is on the go and not too dedicated to special carpet cleaning, this might not be the carpet for you. A small cleaning mistake can ruin your carpet.

Other issues include:

  • Regular vacuuming creases and damages carpet edges.
  • Minor splitting and tearing issues.
  • Matting and crushing problems.
  • Warranty clauses are not that enforced.

6. Atlas Carpet Brand

Another carpet brand we are to wonder why it is on the list of rug brands to avoid. The only thing that sets this brand apart is the price. So if you want to save extra bucks on home decor, the Atlas might not be for you.

If you are a fan of exotic and the extraordinary, you know the Atlas carpet brand. They give you tons of collections to choose from with lots of color options.

Some of the collections are Metáfora Collections, Shibori Collection, Ville Des Lumieres Collection, Momentum Collection, etc.

Atlas has captured the market segment that wants customizable options for their home. Of course, custom settings have higher prices. And that’s why you should avoid the Atlas Carpet brand.

  • Atlas rugs are expensive— Some Atlas Carpet Brand collections are specific to each user. You will have to pay more to get the best quality custom carpet. For example, the Shibori collection is a Japanese-inspired rug with enhanced visual appeal. Regular carpet prices range from $8.40 to $16.50 per square foot. You’re looking at around $70 to $150 per square yard.

Excellent Carpet Brands to Consider

On the more positive side, aside from some of the carpet brands to avoid that we mentioned above, there are also many carpet brands on the market that really lived up to their reputation over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the most reliable carpet brands.

Note: This list does not end there.

1. Dupont

Dupont rug is nearly stains and smudge resistant. It can even withstand coffee spills and cigarette butts without leaving marks on the carpet. As for dirt and dust, it will make your floor clean with minimal effort.

This carpet is made from fibers that are very durable and resistant to stains, smears, and dirt. It has more resistance than others and will last longer in high-traffic areas such as offices, airports, shopping malls, schools, and other areas where people walk all day.

In addition, this mat is easy to clean and does not require any special tools or chemicals.

2. Fabrica Carpet

Fabrica Carpet is a luxury carpet brand. That means it’s made of the best materials and lasts for years. They are also hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Fabrica Carpet uses a proprietary blend of fibers which is called Fiber-Flex to achieve superior strength and density. The result is a carpet that is soft to the touch and resistant to wrinkles and creases.

They even produce a range of waterproof and water-repellent carpets perfect for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Anderson Tuftex

Anderson Tuftex is one of the most durable brands of carpets on the market today. The fiber is very dense and thick, so it is not easy to tear and can be very resistant to tears and splitting.

It may be a bit pricey for a home that will probably only be used for a few years, but it’s worth it in the long run.

4. Engineered Flooring LLC

If you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with engineered flooring. They have many different designs and models to choose from at affordable prices.

And they come in different sizes to fit your space.

5. Dream Weaver

Dreamweaver offers a wide range of carpet qualities, making it easy to find the perfect carpet for your home.

They offer a variety of pet carpets. You can choose from tens of thousands of different colors, styles, and patterns. Color retention and stain resistance are also excellent.

What Red Flags Can Help You Identify Carpet Brands to Avoid?

Carpet brands often include well-known company names such as Shaw, O’Brien, Armstrong, or Sealy, all of which are reputable manufacturers. But there are plenty of other carpet companies that aren’t as famous but are just as bad.

These businesses can be family businesses without cooperative oversight. They may be dishonest or incompetent imitators of well-known brands. Or they could just be bad actors using the “official” company name to scam people.

Therefore, the best way to avoid getting ripped off by such carpet scams is to do your research and learn more about the companies beforehand. This will help you identify red flags that will help you avoid getting scammed.

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