4 Different Types of Fascia Boards

Different Types of Fascia Boards
Photograph by Bill Bradley.

Fascia boards can help protect the area around your home’s roof from the elements by enduring a wide range of weather conditions.

At the very least, people can use four different types of fascia boards to do the job.

You might find it hard to choose the right type or style, so we’ve put together how to help you make the best choice for your home. Read on!

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What is Fascia?

Fascia board runs along the edge of a roof. They hang from the building’s walls, putting a bridge between the walls and the roof.

When the ends of roof rafters aren’t closed or rough, the fascia helps keep animals and water from getting into the roof and make the house look better.

There must be enough strength in guttering to withstand the weight of heavy rain. Guttering is attaches with the fascia of a building, which makes it easy to install.

How do we fix fascia boards?

Gently, your roofers will remove all nails from the fascia board. They will then take it down with the hammer’s claw, a prybar, or another tool. Before long, your roofers will measure and cut the new fascia board so that it fits.

When the fascia is cut, they might cut it into smaller pieces.

Types of Fascia Boards

1. Square Fascia Boards

Among the different types of fascia boards, square fascia boards are the smallest. If your house is small, it might be better for you.

You won’t need as many boards with them. A backing board is not necessary because they are easy to put in and do not need one. Besides that, the smaller size of the boards itself will work better with this type of home.

2. Ogee Fascia Boards

Ogee fascia boards are among the different types of fascia boards. They cover wood fascias if the wood is in good shape. Sculptured edges make these boards stand out from square-edged boards.

Still, they protect you the same as other board types. Though they work similarly, the difference in design makes your home stand out.

3. Capping Fascia Boards

Capping boards are also among the different types of fascia boards. They are great for covering old wood fascias.

This is good if you already have these fascias on your house and don’t want to have to take them down before installing new fascias.

Because they are easy to put up, they could make your home outside looks better right away. It’s also very cheap, and if you need to cover a lot of ground, it could be very cost-effective.

4. Round Boards

The round fascia board is the last on our list of the different types of fascia boards. Round fascias are very popular in new homes because they are sleek and modern and look good. You can use them to make your home look more modern and match other outside improvements.

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